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The microbial technology research group of Department of Biotechnology and Microbiology, Kannur University led by Sabu Abdulhameed, PhD, FAS, focus on development of Bioprocess for the production of therapeutic and industrial enzymes, bioactive molecules, biotransformation and drug leads.

  The research contributions of this group on fermentation and biotransformation of herbal components in Ayurvedic drugs have given new dimension to research in Ayurveda.

   Bioreactors and bioprocesses were developed for mass production of bio-control agents and bioremediation of pesticides.

Marine cyanobacteria, bacteria and fungi are explored for the development of bioprocess along with microorganisms from  the biodiversity treasure of Western Ghats.

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Prof. Haridas Madathilkovilakath, PhD, FAS.

Emeritus Professor & Director

Inter University Centre for Bioscience

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Group Leader

Sabu Abdulhameed, PhD, FAS.

Associate Professor

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